#Excel Introductory Capstone – Collection 

#Exp19 Excel AppCapstone Intro Collection


Project Description:

You are the financial manager for Judi’s Art Gallery. One of your clients, Raymond Chancellor, has a large collection of limited edition signed art by James C. Christensen (1942-2017). Over the years, you have helped Raymond maintain a list of his collection, including the title of the art, medium, issue date, issue price, the price he paid, and current market values. Most of the art is sold out from the publisher, which increases the value of the art. Other art is still readily available or is available in limited quantities. You want to update the list so that he can properly insure his collection.


Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Exp19_Excel_AppCapstone_Intro_Collection.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Select the range A1:A6 on the   Christensen worksheet, merge the cells, and apply Middle Align vertical   alignment.


Change the width of column K to   17.00, select the range K1:K3, and apply Thick Outside Borders.


Click cell C9, and freeze panes   so that rows 1 through 8 and columns A and B are frozen.


Select the range E9:E54 and   apply the Mar-12 date format.


Find all occurrences of Retired and replace them with Sold Out.


Click cell H9 on the Christensen   worksheet, and insert a formula that calculates the percentage Raymond paid   of the issue price by dividing the amount Paid by the Issue Price. Copy the   formula from cell H9 to the range H10:H54.


Click cell J9, and insert a   formula that calculates the percentage change in value by subtracting the   Issue Price from the Current Value and then dividing that result by the Issue   Price. Copy the formula from cell J9 to the range J10:J54.


Apply Percent Style with one   decimal place to the ranges H9:H54 and J9:J54.


Insert in the Current Values   section at the top of the worksheet summary functions that use the range   I9:I54. In cell I2, calculate the total of all the Current Values. In cell   I3, calculate the average current value. in cell I4, calculate the lowest current   value. In cell I5, calculate the highest current value.


Click cell C9, and insert a   VLOOKUP function that looks up the code in cell B9, compares it to the codes   and types of art in the range B2:C6, and returns the type of art. Copy the   function in cell C9 to the range C9:C54. Hide column B that contains the   codes.


Click cell K9, and insert an IF   function that determines if the Issue Price is equal to the Current Value. If   the values are the same, display Same as Issue (using the cell reference K2); otherwise, display Increased in   Value (using   the cell reference K3). Copy the function from cell K9 to the range K10:K54.


Display the Purchase worksheet,   insert a row above Monthly Payment. Type Monthly Payments in 1 Year in cell A5 and type 12 in cell B5.


In cell B6 in the Purchasing   sheet, insert the payment function to calculate the monthly payment using   cell references, not numbers, in the function, and make sure the function   displays a positive result. Apply Accounting Number Format and the Output   cell style to cell B6.


Display the Christensen   worksheet, select the range C1:E6, and create a clustered column chart.


Cut the chart and paste it in   cell A57, change the height to 4″, and change the width to 6.5″.   Add Alt Text The column chart compares total issue prices to total   current values by type of art. (include the period).


Type Raymond’s Art Collection for the chart title, apply   bold, and Black, Text 1 font color. Place the legend at the top of the chart.   Add Primary Minor Horizontal gridlines.


Create a pie chart using the   ranges C2:C6 and E2:E6, and then move the chart to a new chart sheet named Current   Values. Move   the Current Values sheet to the right of the Purchase sheet.


Type Percentage of Total Current Value as the chart title and change   the font size to 18 pt. Choose Colorful Palette 3 for the chart colors. Add   this description for Alt Text: The pie chart shows each art type by percentage of   total current value. (include   the period). 


Hide the legend. Add data labels   for categories and percentages; remove value data labels. Change the font   size to 16 pt, bold, and Black, Text 1 font color for the data labels. 


Explode the Masterwork   Anniversary Edition slice by 15% and change the fill color to Light Blue.


Display the Christensen   worksheet, click in any cell within the dataset, convert the data to a table,   assign a table name Collection, and apply Green, Table Style Light 14.


Apply a conditional format to   the range J9:J54 that highlights cells where the value is greater than 200%   (enter greater than 2) with Green Fill with Dark Green Text.


Sort the dataset by Type of Art   in alphabetical order and then within Type of Art, sort by Current Value from   largest to smallest.


Set a filter to display art that   equals Sold Out as the status.


Add a total row to display the   sum of the Issue Price, Paid, and Current Values columns. Remove the total   for the Note column.


Select the Purchase sheet, set   2″ top margin, and center horizontally on page.


Select the Christensen sheet,   select Landscape orientation, Legal paper size, set 0.2″ left and right   margins, 0.5″ top and bottom margins, and set row 8 to repeat at the top   of pages.


On the Christensen worksheet,   change the width of column A to 27, the width of column D to 11, the width of column J to 12. Wrap text in cell A1 and cell   J8.


Create a footer with Exploring   Series on the   left side, the sheet tab code in the center, and file name code on the right   side on the Christensen sheet.


Save and close Exp19_Excel_AppCapstone_Intro_Collection.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

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