Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing class,

Posted: November 17th, 2022

For my Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing class, I have to submit a 4-6 page paper regarding the global nursing shortage.

I will attach the grading rubric but here is a rundown to get the gist.

The paper must:

  • Provide an overview of the topic
  • Review published literature that addresses the global nursing shortage to provide a broad picture of the situation. The discussed elements of the situation could be a combination of some or all of the following: causes, trends, impacts, challenges, any relevant aspects found in the literature. (This section must be substantiated by a minimum of three (3) references)
  • Discuss two (2) ethical/legal issues/concerns associated with the global nursing shortage as stated in the literature (e.g., population’s health issues, foreign nurse recruitment, recruiting agencies, immigration restrictions) with an integration of your personal views. (This section must be substantiated by a minimum of two (2) references)
  • Provide one (1) recommendation that could help alleviate the global nursing shortage and also possibly improve global health. This proposed recommendation should be relevant to one or more of the issues or concerns you have discussed in the previous section and it should be substantiated by literature. Do not provide a recommendation without any cited source/s to substantiate it. (This section must be substantiated by a minimum of one (1) reference)
  • Provide an appropriate conclusion of the paper
  • Substantiate your paper with acceptable sources (e.g., journal articles, textbooks, trusted websites) and cite your sources both in text and references using the correct APA format

***One reference may be used in more than one section of the paper.

  • Follow the instructions for the format of the paper (e.g., title page, margins, font size, proper headings, and the number of pages) with good organization, logical connections and flow, as well as correct grammar and spellings.

***A minimum of 2 references must be peer-reviewed journal articles.

I have completed the title page already.

Thank you!

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