Multi-tier patient education

Posted: November 10th, 2022

Your paper must be a minimum of 5 pages (excluding the title page and the reference page),

double spaced, with 1” margins and font size of either 11 or 12 (this instruction page has 1-inch

margins, single-spaced, using Calibri font size of 11). See more information regarding the format for

your project and the example of a paper in the Guidelines for Your Paper Format and Paper

Example posted in the APA Resources Module

PICOT Question

P: Patients over 65 brought to the Emergency department that has visited the emergency department within thirty days

I: Multi-tier patient education throughout the visit

C: Traditional discharge from the emergency department during the end of patient stay

O: Reduction in rehospitalization within thirty days

T: Within two months

PICOT Question:

For patients over 65 who are brought to the emergency department, does multi-tier patient education reduces readmission rates within thirty days compared to traditional discharge within the next two months?

The file below will be the instructions, all references have to be within five years.

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