process of developing instructional methods designed

Posted: November 17th, 2022

Throughout the semester, our readings and discussions focused on the process of developing instructional methods designed to accomplish the goals of hoped for competencies that we have discussed in weeks past. We will focus on how to consider which instructional method will be most effective to accomplish given goals in relation to promoting a global perspective in teaching through service learning, values clarification, cultural competence, and social responsibility.

Cultural Competence activity choose a specialty area or topic that you would see yourself teaching from the list below (or add your own).

Course Selection Ideas:

Medical-Surgical course for undergraduate nursing education

Answer the following questions:

What might you do at the beginning of the course? Identify 2 unique (and new for you) teaching strategies. Look at the readings and Outlines from the Bastable PowerPoints (In the Modules section, as resources under Module 6) for simulation, blended learning, role-playing, gaming, etc.

Consider the following with discussions: How do you engage students? Please state your reasoning for selecting these teaching strategies, discuss advantages and possible limitations, and how you intend to use it in your fictitious (or real) classroom. These may be ones that you hope to use in your teaching plan or they do not have to be, that is your decision.

500 word min…. APA format

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